Life on Board / People

Life is about the new friends and special people you meet along the way … we photographed some — we overlooked photographing way too many others …

Nancy / a quite special retired Doctor from Melbourne

Carol Ann and Larry from Texas

Jerry, the really smart banker from Toronto who organized the rear deck Beer Club

Jolene, the completely wonderful patent attorney from New York City

Bob, our next door neighbor, and a fellow manhole cover photographer

Olga and Marsha, two of the five guides

Jerry, his wife Jan, Frank, Grace and Ron touring with us in Istanbul

Grace, Krista, Jolene and Don in Istanbul

A total of 13 first visited Istanbul and became acquainted.

Jan, Carol Anne, Don and Jolene listen as a rug salesman hawks his carpets in Istanbul. One carpet shown was offered at $13,000 and is still in Istanbul as far as we know..

One Response to “Life on Board / People”

  1. David Sharp Says:

    Olga was our guide too….I don’t think she cared much for the Germans…she always called them Nazi’s during her stories

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