GALLERY / Odessa

Odessa is a major port on the Black Sea with some stunning things to see (the Opera House, for example). We flew to Odessa (also spelled Odesa) from Istanbul directly across the Black Sea on August 4, 2010. It was miserably hot when we arrived; it would grow no cooler.

Ticket booth where those not wishing to climb the 188 Potemkin Steps can ride a funicular.

The Potemkin Steps. This is why you might want to ride up on the funicular adjacent to the steps.

The Opera House dates from the 1880s.

Local students take turns marching for an hour at a local memorial.

Like the port in the top picture, the rail yard in Odessa shows little economic activity.

The port facility building houses stalls which hope to draw tourists.

In spite of the lack of economic activity elsewhere, Odessa's central business district is busy, tree-lined and pleasant to visit.

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